Born in Barcelona in 1945, Dominica Sánchez has a long history of exhibitions, particularly in Paris and the United States, but has relatively little exposed in her home country.

The drawings, usually on large format paper sometimes stained with pigments, are personal observations of the natural world, marked by a dialogue between the fragile and ephemeral and the muscle of volume. The game between light curves, drawn in pencil, and the dense and opaque geometries that make their drawings creates a balanced space that Mrs. Lluïsa Maria Borras described as “an inner landscape, the only genre that has contributed to painting in the last century: A painting describing emotions, feelings, the mood of the painter without resorting to reality and, by moving away from playing with what the eyes see, she is based solely on actual pictorial elements, form and line, structure and color “.

Dominica Sánchez took long years perfecting this pictorial language, whose simplicity belies the depth of emotions that involve drawings, and it is important to emphasize that they are not sketches for sculptures, but strictly independent works made with an individualized language they share with sculptures. It was precisely the drawing what eventually led to discover the possibilities of the third dimension.

Beginning with cardboard shapes she cuts and folds until she likes result, Sánchez mimics them in thin iron plates that she manipulates with folds, bends and welds creating amazing results that recall the work of Oteiza, Nicholson or Gonzalez. Heir to a long tradition of constructivist sculpture claiming a position against the carving and modeling, the sculptures done by Dominica Sánchez have an austere and elegant abstraction that, despite its intimate scale, evoke a great monumentality.

(Texto: Michael Dunev Art Projects)


Individual exhibitions


  • Fundació Espai Guinovart, individual, Agramunt
  • Galería Marita Segovia, individual, Madrid


  • Dominica Sánchez. Pintura, dibuix i escultura dels anys 2000. Artur Ramon Espai d’Art, Barcelona.


  • Galería Marita Segovia, individual, Madrid


  • Dominica Sánchez. Perfils d’ombra, dibuixos i escultures. Comisario: Josep Casamartina i Parassols. Ajuntament de Calella.


  • Exposición dibujos Galeria Dieu moviment creatiu, Cadaques.


  • Galería Marita Segovia, Madrid.


  • Artur Ramon Contemporaneo, Barcelona.


  • Galeria Balaguer, Barcelona
  • Mirades essencials, dibujos y escultura


  • Michael Dunev Art Projects, Torroella de Montgrí, Girona, dibujos y escultura


  • Dibujos y esculturas. Inauguración Museo M.A.C. Cerdanyola, Barcelona
  • Cartel “XXII Cerdanyola Blues” y 30 monotipos editados por el Museu d´Art de Cerdanyola en motivo del XXII Festival Internacional de Blues de Cerdanyola.
  • Estampas realizadas al taller Tinta Invisible. Barcelona, Taller Tinta Invisible, Monotipos


  • Artur Ramon Contemporaneo, Barcelona.


  • La forma de les hores, Galeria Fidel Balaguer, Barcelona.


  • Arte Cité-Caroline Dimnik, Paris.


  • Museo Sant Pol de Mar , Barcelona.
  • “9” Gallery, Casablanca.


  • Galeria Astarté , Madrid.


  • Galeria Maeght, Barcelona.


  • La Gare Gallery, Bonnieux en Luberon.
  • Jacques Ghul Gallery, Montreux.


  • Scott Alan Gallery, New York.
  • Melten Gallery, Casablanca.


  • Adriana Schmidt Gallery, Stuttgart.
  • Geiger Gallery, Kornwestheim.


  • Adriana Schmidt Gallery, Cologne.
  • Denise Levy Gallery, Espace Fürstenberg, Paris.


  • Galeria Tom Maddock , Barcelona.
  • Norai Gallery, Pollença.


  • Galeria Tertre, Mataró.


  • Galeria Cap i Cua , Canet de Mar.


  • Espacio de Cultura “La Caixa”, Calella.

Collective exhibitions


  • Maestros de la Abstracción. Galeria Marita Segovia. Madrid.
  • Templarios. Ojos del Barroco. Motril.
  • El Món Reflex. Espai MercArt. Sant Just Desvern.
  • Art Madrid. Galería Marita Segovia.


  • Dualidades, Pigment Gallery


  • Art París Grand Palais, Pigment Gallery
  • Fundación Antonio Pérez. Artistas en la colección de arte Banco Sabadell. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Cuenca.


  • Almoneda (Madrid), Galeria Marita Segovia
  • Draw (London) Pigment Gallery
  • Art Busan (Korea), Pigment Gallery


  • Art Bodeusse, Pigment Gallery
  • Texas Contemporary, Pigment Gallery
  • Art on paper, NYC , Pigment Gallery
  • The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair, Londres, Marita Segovia
  • Feria ArtMadrid´18 (Cibeles), Marita Segovia
  • Almoneda, Madrid (Ifema), Marita Segovia


  • Wopart, Lugano, Pigment Gallery
  • SOFA, Chicago, Pigment Gallery
  • Context, Miami, Pigment Gallery
  • Tria del Fons – Museo de pintura de Sant Pol de Mar 2017. Ajuntament de Sant Pol de Mar.
  • The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair, Londres, Marita Segovia Almoneda, Madrid (Ifema), Marita Segovia Feria Estampa, Madrid, Marita Segovia


  • ArtMadrid, Madrid, Marita Segovia
  • The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair, Londres Marita Segovia
  • Almoneda, Madrid, Marita Segovia
  • Art Madrid, Madrid, Artur Ramón Art


  • Art Madrid 2015 con la galería Artur Ramon
  • Galeria Ulf Larson, Colonia amb Joaquim Xanxo i Manuel Ros Armenteras


  • Cal-ligrafies Col-leccions d´Art a Calella, comisario Jordi Alcaraz Ajuntament Vell Calella Barcelona
  • Colectiva Michael Dunev Torroella de Montgri Girona
  • Analogias Artur Ramon Barcelona


  • PINTA Londres galería Balaguer
  • Miradas de dones, Artur Ramon Art


  • Crüilles, Ajuntament Vell de Calella, comisari Jordi Alcaraz Calella Barcelona


  • Homenatge Edicions Eixample Galeria A34 Barcelona


  • 20 Aniversari Art Barcelona Galeries Fidel Balaguer


  • Papeles, Galeria Astarté Madrid


  • Grafias del Caos, Galeria Fidel Balaguer. Barcelona
  • “Contemporanis” Artur Ramon Art. Barcelona
  • “Col·lectiva” Galeria A/34. Barcelona


  • Art Paris 2008 Gran Palais. Haim Chanin, New York
  • “66 pieces” Haim Chanin. New York
  • Artur Ramón Art. Dialogos Figuración-Abstracción. Barcelona
  • Hang Together 2008 Michael Martin. San Francisco
  • New York/Tampa. Bleu Acier Gallery. Tampa


  • Palm Beach Design Fair, Caroline Dimnik Contemporain, Palm Beach.
  • CasaDecor, Artur Ramon Contemporaneo, Barcelona.
  • Tryptique, Angers. Galeria Fidel Balaguer, Barcelona.


  • ARCO’06. Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York and Caroline Dimnik, Paris
  • Toronto International Art Fair. Caroline Dimnik, Paris.
  • ArteSantander’06. Artur Ramon Contemporaneo, Barcelona.
  • Inart Girona’06. Galeria Fidel Balaguer, Barcelona.


  • Art-Istanbul’05. Caroline Dimnik, Paris.
  • Spain Revisited, Haim-Chanin Fine Arts, New York.


  • Art Paris’04. Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York and Caroline Dimnik, Paris.


  • Museo Sant Pol de Mar , Barcelona.
  • Tom Maddock Gallery, Barcelona.


  • Decorart, Zaragoza. Galeria Ignacio de Lassaletta, Barcelona.


  • Michael Martin Gallery, San Francisco.
  • Carol Rubinstein Gallery, Philadelphia.


  • Betty Wasserman Gallery, New York.


  • Artissima’99, Torino. Galeria Astarté, Madrid.
  • Visions, Castell dels Sanmartí Art Center, Sant Martí Sarroca.


  • Verena Hoffer Gallery , Barcelona.
  • ARCO’97. Galeria Maeght , Barcelona.
  • Laurie Seeman Gallery, New York.
  • Del retrato al autorretrato, Galeria Mª José Castellví, Barcelona.


  • La Gare Gallery, Bonnieux en Luberon.
  • Gallery Jacques Guhl, Montreux.
  • Homenatge als animalers, Sala Hipòstila de Can Altamira, Ajuntament de Barcelona. Tom Maddock Gallery, Barcelona.
  • ARCO’95. Galeria Maeght, Madrid and Gallery Adriana Schmidt, Stuttgart.


  • FIAC ’94, Paris. Adriana Schmidt Gallery, Stuttgart.
  • Galeria Maeght, Barcelona.
  • Pinturerías, Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, México DF. Itinerant exhibition: Monterrey, Aguascalientes, Tijuana, Cabañas, Querétaro, Denver, Long Beach.


  • Verena Hoffer Gallery, Barcelona.
  • Art i Solidaritat, Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, Barcelona.


  • Découvertes’ 92, Grand Palais, Paris. Denise Levy Gallery, Paris.
  • Chapelle des Jésuites, Nîmes. Denise Levy Gallery, Paris.
  • Tom Maddock Gallery, Barcelona.
  • Ombre Lumière, l’Étoile Gallery, Paris.


  • Tom Maddock Gallery, Barcelona.
  • Découvertes ‘91, Grand Palais. Denise Levy Gallery, Paris.
  • Art Jonction International, Niza. Tom Maddock Gallery, Barcelona.
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  • Tom Maddock Gallery, Barcelona.
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  • Exposición Hispano-Japonesa de Kobe, Hotel Majestic, Barcelona.


  • Art Jonction International, Niza. Tom Maddock Gallery, Barcelona.


  • Tom Maddock Gallery, Barcelona.


  • Galeria Oriol Mestres, Barcelona.


  • Adquisición de una escultura para la Col·lecció Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Museu de Cerdanyola.
  • Realizadas 12 esculturas Fundación Banco de Sabadell para 12a edición premios de Investigación de Biomédica
  • Eusebio Diaz Morera-Marta Ventós, Barcelona
  • Hotel Sant Francesc, Palma de Mallorca
  • Artur Ramón Art, Barcelona
  • Marianne Mathieu, París
  • Michael Martin, San Francisco, EEUU
  • Joan Vail Thorne / Jack Thorne III, N.Y., EEUU
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  • Museo de Arte Moderno y Instituto Nac. de Bellas Artes, CONACULTA–INBA, México
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  • Colección Hotel Majestic, Barcelona
  • Colección Dominique Haim Chanin N.Y., EEUU
  • Colección Gilles Gobin, París
  • Colección Fundació Collserola


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